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Patient specific  instruments (PSI) for total knee replacement: The open platform technique 
  • Patient specific instruments (PSI) for TKR is now used almost routinely in our center by Prof Mahmoud A Hafez. The technique used is called an open platform PSI, as it can be used for any TKR implants. The personal experience of Dr Hafez indicate that this PSI technique can make a revolution in the management of TKR in the Middle East. In addition, here are the objective findings based on our clinical outcome studie.
  • Egyptian Community arthroplasty register (>300 TKR)
    • For PSI: Blood transfusion rate 5%, walking within 3 hours postop, less compliction rate and hospital stay <3 days.
  • A study on 100 bilateral simultaneous TKR for OA with severe articular deformities (>20 degrees)
    • For PSI: Hospital stay 4 days, operative time reduced from 30-50 % and walking same day.
  • A study comparing conventional, navigational and PSI techniques on 150 TKR
    • PSI accuracy is comparable with navigation but PSI has the shortest operative time and is the least expensive.
  • There are few award winning patents 
    • for PSI technique, which are > Here are the important awards
  1. Hap Paul award ISTA, USA 2010.
  2. Gold Medal with Distinction from 42 Exhibition of Geneva inventions, Switzerland 2014.
  3. IFIA Laurel of 4th World Cup of Computer Implemented inventions from International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA), Hungary 2014.
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