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The best outcome in clinical practice can be achieved by merging excellence in clinical care, with research and education


To improve the quality of the Orthopaedic services it is essential to follow international standards for quality control with slight modifications to fit our local & national conditions. We are committed to paying back, by teaching students, allied health professionals & young surgeons, what we have learned using our skilled human resources, motivation, and dedication. It is the duty of every physician or surgeon to improve healthcare, educate patients & enhance the process of healthcare delivery.

Emergency Department
24 hours orthopaedic cover / 7 days a week 

30 clinics a week morning and evening every day except Friday, covering general orthopaedics and trauma and some subspecialities as hip and knee arthroplasties, arthroscopy, spine and hand surgery, deformities correction, sports medicine, paediatric orthopaedics, rhumatology and pain managment.


The hospital capacity is 400 beds that include sections for both teaching and private categories.

Operative Intervention

Dedicated operating rooms equipped with:

   ⇒ Hi tech navigation surgery.

   ⇒ Patient specific knee replacement (computerized).

   ⇒ Computer assisted surgery for hip replacement.

   ⇒ Computer assisted surgery for hip replacement.

   ⇒ Live surgery transmission with telemedicine unit.

   ⇒ Auto-transfusion (to return blood loss to the patient).

   ⇒ Air filtration system to control infection.

   ⇒ Endoscopic services.


Arthritis and Joint Replacement
Center of Excellence supervised by
Prof/Dr. Mahmoud Hafez
MB BCh (Cairo), MSc Orth (Cairo),
Dip SICOT (Belgium) FRCS Ed (UK), MD (Leeds, UK)

The Orthopaedic Department of October 6 University provides evidence-based practice and advanced medical services by consultants who have experience in Egypt and abroad. It builds a database and follow up for major operations. It utilizes hi-tech computerized surgical techniques and navigation surgery. It also collaborates with telemedicine consultation with colleagues in centres of excellence in UK,USA and Canada.The department staff are pioneers in patient-specific cutting guides for total knee replacement (TKR); navigation for TKR in the Middle East; total hip arthroplasty by computer-assisted surgery in the Arab World; community arthroplasty register in the Arab World.They provide primary and revision of total hip and knee replacements as well as unicompartmental, knee and hip resurfacing.

First to do:

⇒  Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Using PSI

⇒  Why Joint Replacement Using PSI ?

⇒  Patient specific total knee replacement (TKR) in the world (also called custom made cutting guides).   See  english video / الفيديو العربى

⇒ Computer assisted total hip arthroplasty in Arab countries.   الفيديو العربى

⇒ TKR by navigation in Arab countries.

Hospital 1
Hospital 1
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